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Tarpon Fishing Miami, Biscayne Bay, Florida

Tarpon Fishing In Miami With Capt. Alex Rodriguez

tarpon caught fishing in Miami imageThe slow, pitter patter of dripping water from old rusty pipes running along the bridge above and the erie sound of cars driving over the steel grates every few minutes would make anyone's heart beat faster. It was three am and our small craft sat in the dark water of Biscayne Bay in Miami. The water was drifting us slowly towards the bridge and I spotted a few small shrimp scatter as the boat came near. The only light came from the light post from the bridge 15 feet above us and was absorbed completely by the darkness below. The sound of Tarpon leaping out of the bay could be compared to someone throwing boulders in the water from on top of the bridge in a synchronized harmonious fashion. Fish after fish were jumping and the thundering splashes could be seen as close as 10 to 100 feet away. The sounds of the Tarpon jumping over and over let me know I was in their house and they were the rulers of this great waters. Ok, I admit it ...I was petrified, I had never caught anything big before and my Captain, Alex was so confident that I went with it and made my cast. My shrimp slowly drifted into the dark and passed the shadow of the bridge. The shrimp was on his own from that point on and it was about to get destroyed by a giant Tarpon lurking in the shadows. After a few seconds, my arms were pulled forward, my hands gripped the pole, and my entire braced for balance as my first Tarpon had taken over. It was like I had attached my line to a high-speed train and the only thing that prevented me from going in the water . I set the hook very hard and the fish took over from that point on. I had no real control. The line rose up and I could feel the tension ese as he left the water. Usually there isn't much pressure after that point since its weightless in the air, but the violent shaking of the fish almost yanked the rod from my hands again, just as when I initially got my hit. I think the tarpon shook his head back and froth about ten times before it hit the water, so you can guess at the amount of pressure felt on my rod. Time seemed to freeze and both Alex and I got a glimpse of this giant. It was shiny, silver and had huge eyes. A smile could definitely be seen on my face and I was so happy that I had actually been able to hook it. The hard part would be working it and lending him. After 45 minutes of fighting, running and splashing, I finally brought him to the boat and Alex gently picked him up and we both posed for a shot. I was still in shock and my arm was so tired I couldn't lift him. Alex taught me how to fish, was patient and most of all is just a great guy to fish with. If anyone has the opportunity to go to Miami, I would strongly encourage you to take a Tarpon night fishing trip. This was the best experience of my life... hands down. >Nathan<


Tarpon Stocked Waters in Miami, Florida

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All year long the bays of Biscayne, Miami, are stocked with Tarpons. You can also find them in jetties, inlets, and bridge shadow lines. Tarpons are not an easy fish to catch. Although with proven techniques and with the help of an avid captain or guide, they don't stand a chance. Miami has a lot to offer from the neon city lights to the restaurants and bars that are open to the wee hours of the morning. Behind the scenes you'll find a natural breath taking beauty in it's bays, for example Biscayne Bay, Government Cut, Haulover etc... Miami's tarpon fishing diminished back in the early 80's because of the poor water qualit. But after the new filtration system the the water quality has become excellent. Thanks to that, tarpon fishing has never been better in Miami. Capt. Alex grew up in miami chasing tarpons until one day he caught his first one. From then on the fight has never finished. Now A U.S Coast Guard licensed Capt. he hands the fight over to his clients to give them a taste of victory as he once had.

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Tarpon *definition*

Strength, stamina, and fighting ability, make the tarpon (Megalops atlanticus) one of Miami's premier game fish. Sought after by many fisherman in search of that adrenaline rush that a tarpon presents. *Fact*

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As seen here Tarpons love hanging out by the pilings under bridges just waiting to ambush their prey. This is why we said earlier it's a good idea to fish the shadow lines of the bridges here in Miami. As Tarpon mature, they prey on fish, particularly mid-water prey such as mullets, pinfish, sardines, well as larger invertebrates including shrimp and crabs. Tarpon feed during both day and night. Because of their small teeth, they generally swallow their prey whole. The tarpon is a favorite fish of sport fishermen and is known for its spectacular leaps when hooked in an attempt to get away. The flesh is very bony. The world record for tarpon caught using a hook and line is 282 lbs.. from Lake Maricaibo, Venezuela. When afraid, the tarpon produces sound in the form of thumps using its swim bladder. Tarpon can reach sizes up to 8 feet and can weigh up to 280 pounds. In The Florida Keys the record for the biggest tarpon caught was 243 pounds in Key West By Gus Bell, 2/17/1975.

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